Life Offbeat Video

By Lucy Notarantonio and Joe McFarline


A prankster dad has tackled lockdown boredom by putting his DIY skills to use and creating a bespoke feature wall in his living room using GUMMY BEAR sweets.

Nick Smith, 32, had a lightbulb moment when he saw ten boxes of gummy bears ready for the bin in his local shop in Bexley Heath, London.

The builder says he is ‘always up to something’ and keeping busy during the covid-19 outbreak which includes licking and sticking approximately 6,000 sweets to the wall.

The dad-of-two was helped by his daughters Isabella, seven, Amelia, five and his partner Jess Smith, 29,’s brother, Jack, 16.

But Jess was unpleasantly surprised when she returned home from the supermarket to find multicoloured sweets covering the white wall.

He said: “I am always up to something so when I saw the boxes of sweets, I knew I had to take them home.

“The idea instantly came to me and I knew the kids would be up for it – they couldn’t stop giggling and eating the odd sweet here and then as we stuck them onto the wall.

“We literally licked a sweet and then stuck it on which took about four and a half hours – Jess was out food shopping.

“We were in hysterics when she came back, at first she was annoyed but then she saw the funny side to it.

“I always have crazy ideas so Jess wasn’t very surprised!”

Nick has put his DIY skills to use in the garden too by created a giant seesaw and a slide to the inflatable pool.

He said: “Our kids are never bored in our house!”