Life Video

By William Lailey


A crafty mum has created an incredible Harry Potter themed room for her sons who are big fans of the famous wizard.

The chamber has a Gryffindor sword on the wall, a replica of Hedwig, Harry’s owl, floating candles, magical red curtains, a cabinet with a horcrux, paintings, keys and even a Quill pen.

Stephanie Clark, 34, a medical administrator for the NHS, used the lockdown time to transform her sons’ bedroom into a Harry Potter abode, at their house in  Pen-Y-Cae, Wrexham.

The mum of Ruby, 13, Delilah, 11, Romeo is 8, Peaches, 6 and Orlando, 2 was recently advised by her physiotherapist to do crafting, to ease down the pain on her hands, after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

The Harry Potter chamber  took three weeks to complete and cost £300- the majority of the items were bought on auction sites.

Stephanie said:  “The kids helped with most of the painting and came up with all the ideas.

“During lockdown we couldn’t go walking and stuff as easily as before, so the physiotherapist  suggested crafting, it  is absolutely fantastic for my hands, I love it  and it helps you work on your dexterity.

“We sort of used it as a little project and it’s been something to aim for and something to do and it’s a great distraction method, so I try to do an hour a day of crafting, and the Harry Potter room was perfect really.

“I’ve been promising it to the kids for so long, and this time in lockdown has been the perfect opportunity.

“The floating candles are my favourite part of the room, when you turn them on they move for ages.

“Romeo’s favourite thing at the moment is the Quill pen, he draws with that. He loves the potion bottles.

“Orlanda loves the cabinet with the horcrux in it, he’s always getting the wands out and all the little bits and bobs.

“In the wardrobes they have got their Harry Potter cloaks and they are always in the house in fancy dress – Orlando is always putting spells on people with his wand.

“They are absolutely Harry Potter mad and they live in that world all the time so decorating the room allows them to live in it all the time. “