Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane and Jack Mobley


A skillful teenager used to finding his own way of having fun, managed to craft a playable football and guitar, as well as a usable bag and flyable kite from balloons, grocery bags and discarded objects in a series of amazing craft videos.

Growing up in Africa, Viane Butoyi, 18, was brought up without the simple luxuries of having a football to play with.

But inventive Viane always found a way to have his own fun.

Now living in Colorado Springs, the lessons that Viane learnt as a young boy are still ingrained within him today, as instead of taking material objects for granted, the thrifty teenager posted a series of videos showing to create fun from everything from balloons, grocery bags and even discarded tin cans.

Viane said: “Most of the time in Africa I used to make my own things in order to have fun, but since I arrived in USA I don’t have to anymore.

“Making videos TikTok makes me feel happy. When my videos went viral, it made me happy and it gave me more energy to keep going.”