Amazing Life Video

By Charlotte Orie


A couple who have left their jobs to pursue a career in baking share their tips and show others how to create the most perfect Disney cake.

Zoe Hopkinson, 38, and her fiance Richard Eckles, from Leeds have been creating stunning cakes for the past six years and have gained millions of followers who are inspired by their tutorials.

While Zoe left her job to become a full-time baker in 2014,  two years later Richard left his job in corporate banking to join her and the pair have been creating Disney character cakes ever since.

Richard said: “The tutorials generate so much positive Feedback from both our followers and viewers-the most touching are always those from people in need whether it be helping them to reduce anxiety, help those recovering from illnesses or as a simple form of stress relief, we have hundreds of lovely comments about how  our videos have helped.

“Zoe tends to love the lesser known characters and films as opposed to the mainstream, so long as they are fun she loves making them- she’s not a fan of the scary though.

“The Clawhauser Face Cake is one of her all time favourite Disney character cakes.

“Zoe likes this style of cake as they look really impressive and difficult to make but are in fact something anyone can try and recreate at home.

“Her other favourite is Mary Poppins.

“We love getting cake creative and showing people how much fun you can have with cake.”