Amazing Video

By Jack Mobley


In his spare time, this student built a tiled roof in the woods, constructing it entirely from what he could find from his surroundings.

Luis Williamson spent the summer of 2019 building the structure, and finished his impressive project in September in a privately wooded area in Gloucestershire.

Luis built a sturdy tiled roof without any tools, entirely from scratch, in what is a survivalist’s dream.

In bare feet and a pair of shorts, Luis set to work on the build by first digging out an area with a hard stick, to situate the shelter.

Then using mud and clay, Luis constructed a kiln from his bare hands in order to the dry out the tiles, which he made from the same ingredients along with a template.

When he set out the structure with logs and wood, Luis was able to contract the walls to fully enclose the shelter.

Once everything had been dried out and blasted in the furnace the roof consisting of 600 tiles could finally be assembled.

Luis said: “I am essentially showing how you can build a tiled roof house from scratch with no tools.

“This is technically displaying a long term survival solution with only naturally occurring resources in the forest at my disposal.

“First, the cliff was dug out then a wood frame of the was constructed into the side of the cliff, following this a kiln was built to allow for the firing of tiles.

“The walls were then built out of mud and grass.

“The roof consisted of ceramic tiles that were made from the clay collected from the clay found from the river bank which was then processed, moulded, dried and then fired.

“Sourcing the correct clay and optimising the production process of the tiles to maximise output was the most challenging task in terms of trial and error.

“Simply putting a jacket on and carrying on through wet weather did test my will power.

“By the end, I had a massive sense of achievement really proving to myself that sheer perseverance will always get you to your end goal no matter the hurdle.”