Life Video

By Joe McFarlane and Randal Coombs


This mother and son have impressed many online with their amazing trick shot videos during lockdown.

Scott Haennelt, 20, moved back into his parents’ home in California to quarantine, which gave him and his mum, Carol, 62, plenty of spare time together.

Beating the boredom has been a challenge for many, but Scott and Carol decided to try out some trick shots using household items to pass the time.

Perfecting their shots took up to four hours over a period of three days, but Scott admits it was worth the effort.

Scott said: “We got really bored and decided to do a trick shot like I have done before on my TikTok page.

“I knew that the wholesomeness of it would make people like it a lot.

“We decided to do it and it took about three of four hours across the timespan of three days.

“My mom has some trick shot experience. Back in 2016 my friend and I had a YouTube channel where we did compilations of trick shots and my mom participated sometimes.”