Life Video

By Alyce Collins


This young boy was so in need of a hug from his beloved grandparents, he covered himself in protective gear before asking them for a cuddle.

Learning support assistant Hayley Ellis, 37, from Berkshire, has been teaching her children the difference between what we want and what we need.

Hayley’s son Walker, 6, said that after eight long weeks of not seeing his grandparents, he needed a hug from them.

While dropping off essentials to Hayley’s parents, Sandra and Mick Lambert, Walker donned protective clothing and took a sign asking for a cuddle.

Sandra and Mick were so emotional when they got to hug their grandson, and Sandra said it was a memory she will keep forever.

Hayley said: “We filmed the journey to my parents’ house while dropping off essentials.

“My son stood there waiting for them to open the door with a sign asking for a cuddle.

My mum answered the door then went back to get my dad from the garden, she told him someone was at the door.

“I’ve had tears from my friends and family, my husband was at work so I sent him the video and he shed a tear too.

“My mum said ‘that’s a memory I will keep forever’.”