By Jessica Testa


This flight attendant shows one of the more unconventional ways some professionals can ‘work from home’ by creating a parody of an in-flight safety demonstration video.

Lea Moate, 42, explains various safety procedures to her “passengers” from a hallway in her Brisbane home before adding a small twist at the end.

Lea said: “I decided to do a work from home video because, after being stood down from flying due to Covid-19, a work friend of mine had challenged me to do something relating to work after she had done something similar.”

She even got her family involved, recruiting her eldest son Tyler, 20, and his girlfriend Ciara, 21, to be in the video and her youngest son Josh, 13, to film it.

“They didn’t need much convincing, they just seem to go along with their mum’s crackpot ideas.

“My mind was blown that my video, which was just meant to be a joke between friends, had gotten so much attention. I was getting a lot of comments from people as to how funny it was so I was just glad I could bring some laughter in this tough time.”