Animals Video

By Randal Coombs


This cat has walked down the same path in this house so many times that a paw-print-path has been engraved into the carpet.

Owner Andy Taylor shared just one day, where cat Macy went about her routine walk through their Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, house on April 22.

Andy follows along as Macy steps into her paw prints without missing a step or allowing a paw to go astray.

The prints have been pressed into the carpet after at least four years of strolling down the same lines.

Andy said: “My wife and I noticed that there were spots in the carpet that wouldn’t go away, even when vacuuming.

“We didn’t know where they are coming from, it’s like a couch spot that is there when you move the couch.

“We started to observe and then we realised that she walks the same path throughout the apartment.

“She has multiple paths but the one in the video is the longest in length.”