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By Charlotte Orie


Six disabled rescue dogs have been given a new lease of life thanks to their customised wheelchairs.

Doting owners Mary Fayet, 59, an Thomas, 62, from New York, US, decided to start fostering small disabled dogs in 2013 and the married couple haven’t looked back since.

They currently care for six pooches which include, Tomez – who requires a rear wheeler after a hunting accident in Poland.

Charlie – who has to wear nappies and also requires a wheelchair due to a back injury.

Candy, who had both her rear legs amputated as a back injury caused her legs to become fused.

Tobi – who uses a front wheeler – and is a Shih Tzu and French Bull Dog mix – who the couple decided to adopt officially.

Tootsie, who was previously owned by a hoarder, and only has two legs so uses a front wheeler.

And Jill, who also uses a front wheeler, but not much is known about her back story.

Mary, an executive assistant, who uses Eddie’s Wheels for the customised wheelers, said: “We love taking our disabled dogs out for adventures across New York.

“Our first disabled dog was Lexi who we adopted in 2013, she taught us so much about speciallyabled pets before she passed away in January.

“A wheelchair for an animal gives back the animal’s quality of life.

“I have met many people who will share a story and a dog they had to put down because they could no longer walk on their own.  They will actually cry seeing the carts and say if I only had that for my dog, he could have lived longer.

“If I spot a disabled dog looking for a home and we can assist with a wheeler, we will bring them into our home.

“Getting our six disabled dogs ready for a walk can be funny.

“Just like all dogs, they get very excited to know they are going for walks.

“Tomek gets so excited, he is exhausted by the time we get out the door.

“Candy is on a mission and loves to run.  Tobi and Jill being front wheelers and prefer to be out of their carts, they are into people and dog watching. Charlie loves to run as well.

“We also have strollers and will put the ones who do not like to walk in their carts a ride in the stroller.  They love it and will sit straight up so they do not miss anything.”

Mary and Thomas share their disabled dog adventures online.

She added: “We love sharing our story and our pups.

“Many times, people will contact us to inquire about getting a cart for their pets.

“Our door is always open to share our experience and knowledge.  If one person read this and adopts or foster a wheelie, then we have made a difference.”


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