Amazing Life Nature Video

By Federico Cornetto

This is the amazing moment a pod of dolphins cornered a large school of fish against a dock and hunted it down.

Alessandro Liori, 32, filmed the incredible scene taking place in his native city, Cagliari, Italy, on May 5.

A pod of about six dolphins, including a calf, swam inches away from one of the city’s docks, pushing a large school of fish against the submerged concrete wall and hunting them down.

The video is the last in a large series of viral clips showing various animals taking over the streets and waters of Italy as the country spend 56 days in a strict lockdown with the majority of people stuck in their homes because of COVID-19.

Italians came out of the quarantine on May 4, but animals seem reluctant to give up their space after so many days of freedom.

Alessandro said: “You often get to see dolphins here, but never so close to the dock, and seemingly so unafraid.

“They kept hunting down the fish and they didn’t seem intimidated by the people watching them and talking.

“I think due to the lockdown, they went undisturbed like this for quite some time.”