Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto

This is the heartwarming moment a dog was ecstatic to meet his owner’s girlfriend after being separated from her for 50 days during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Jessica Cristofolini, 24, from Mezzocorona, Italy, was able to finally visit her boyfriend Fabrizio Bottamedi, 27, as the country eased its lockdown restrictions on May 4.

Fabrizio’s dog Aly, 8, is very attached to Jessica and couldn’t contain her joy as she saw her entering the houses gate.

For a whole minute, Aly kept leaping and trying to kiss Jessica as the young woman removed her facemask and returned the affection.

Jessica said: “It was very moving, 50 days felt like a lifetime and I was worried she would not recognise me after all that time.

“Instead, she went crazy with happiness as soon as she heard my steps approaching.”

The video was posted by Jessica on social media, where it went viral with almost one million views.

One user commented: “I am going to cry.”

Another one said: “My dog had the same reaction when I saw him yesterday after three months.”