Life Video

By Jessica Testa


This innovative dad decided to help his son quench his lockdown boredom by setting up his bike in the living of their Ottawa home with a bike trail video playing on TV.

Professional chef Kaleb Blake, 36, got the idea to set up the bike using winter boots as makeshift stands so he could pretend he was racing on a bike course.

Kaleb got the idea after four-year-old Romeo got his bike stuck on the curb when they went for a bike ride previously.

He said: “I had just watched a video of someone who put their kid in a laundry basket and pretended they were on a rollercoaster ride, so I thought why not?”

Kaleb said Romeo has just started riding his first “big dude pedal bike” and has been obsessed ever since.

“Just another day in quarantine trying to make memories for him and fill his days with fun activities, and maybe tire him out a bit.

“Quarantine has made us do a lot of strange new activities we wouldn’t normally do. We’ve definitely had to get a little creative to keep things interesting.

“He seems to understand what’s going on and is coping well. We really take the time to slow down and explain why he can’t do something or go somewhere because of Covid-19, and he really seems to get it. It’s amazing!”