Life Video

By Ellie Duncombe


A children’s Taekwondo trainer has entertained her students online by kicking down a tower of toilet paper.

Alina Shchuleva, 25, had been thinking up ways to keep herself entertained and pre-occupied during the quarantine lock-down in her home in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Coming up with a perfect, and hilarious work-out plan, the three time European Champion decided to take her frustrations out on a house-hold object she had a plentiful supply of, toilet paper.

Alina said: “During quarantine, I have had a lot of free time. We conduct online training on Zoom with the most diligent students.

“It is very difficult to spend all this time at home, I want to get out into the fresh air and walk more. I really miss work and my students. I hope after quarantine we can return to the usual workouts.

“I wanted to make the tasks funnier and interesting, so I used toilet paper.

“The next day I knocked down a column of paper rolls one after another. The video was not easy to shoot.

“The bottom line is that you need to hit quickly, gallantly and accurately, so that only one paper roll falls, and not the entire column.

“Now the students are trying, but so far no one has been able to repeat it!

“It’s good that I can set an example for them, and keep myself in shape despite the quarantine!