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By Alyce Collins


This violinist loves playing music with her grandad, so she paid him a surprise visit during lockdown.

Legal assistant Mariah Donnelly, 22, from Belfast, sent her grandad music to learn on his guitar for them to play together when they can be reunited.

However, on April 28 when Mariah was near her grandad’s house, she surprised him by playing outside.

Mariah’s grandfather, Thomas Donnelly, 72, had been isolated for six weeks when she surprised him.

Thomas was so overjoyed when Mariah stopped by and loved being able to play music together again.

Mariah said: “Unexpectedly I was asked if I would play at the graveside of a lady who had died which was near my grandfather’s house.

“I took this opportunity to surprise him by playing some tunes that he had been learning to lift  his spirits.

“He was shocked and couldn’t stop smiling.

“It completely lifted my spirits and allowed life to feel normal again if only for five minutes. My grandad is my best friend and I would never go a week without seeing him.”