Life Video

By Alyce Collins


Birthdays in lockdown could be dull, but this group of friends managed to surprise their friend by gathering outside her building.

Sales representative Danielle Frank from Santa Monica, California, turned 46 on April 28, 2020.

Danielle was simply expecting a casual Zoom call with her friends, however they had a much better surprise in mind.

While Danielle was preoccupied on Zoom, her friends all gathered outside her building, underneath her balcony.

When Danielle was told to go outside, she was greeted with cheers of happy birthday.

Danielle said: “My friends had arranged a happy hour Zoom call so I went on and was the only one there.

“Then my boyfriend told me to come outside and I saw a bunch of my friends gathered in the parking lot of the building.

“For them to do this for me in a time when birthday celebrations are limited to zoom happy hour calls, it truly made me so emotional.”