Life Video

By Lucy Harvey


A dancer has transformed herself into a sequence of iconic characters – from Mr Bean to Shrek – using only her closet.

Chloe Mead, 28, looks unrecognisable as she dons dozen of fancy dress outfits as photographer Harriet Clare, 29 captures the shots.

The duo from London began recreating iconic characters and celebrities at the start of lockdown and the pair haven’t looked back since.

Whether it’s Amy Winehouse, Elvis, Freddie Mercury or Popeye, Harry Potter or Sandy from Grease, Chloe manages to find outfits in her closet that fit the bill.

Chloe, a dancer, said: “It all started one morning when I put my hair up and it looked a bit like the ‘Little My’ character from the Moomins.

“I thought it might be funny to complete the look so rummaged for something that resembled her outfit and Harriet took a picture.

“We posted it online and our friends and followers thought it was great so we thought it would be a fun idea to ask other people to challenge me to dress up as different things.

“The first challenge that came in was Captain Jack Sparrow, so the next day we got to work creating that look and its just gone on from there.

“We started getting more challenges and the videos have got more and more elaborate! I only use items we have in the house so have to get creative a lot of the time.

“I’m running out of clothes which means at the moment the majority of the costumes I am sewing myself from scratch from fabric myself and my mum have collated over the years.”

The pair say their ‘Covid Closet’ looks are creating a great online response.

Harriet added: “It’s been overwhelmingly positive. People are finding a lot of joy and laughter in what we create which is really what’s kept us going.

“We have a lot of comments like ‘it’s the highlight of our day’ and ‘e look forward to it everyday.’

“We really hope its inspiring people to keep creative with what they’ve got at home.

“We’re aiming to recreate 50 look but we’ll see! It all depends if we’re still in lock down and/or whether any work comes in for us.”