Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane and Aliki Kraterou


A cute pooch has found the perfect way to pass time during lockdown- by looking at people passing by through a hole in the fence.

Naomi Willow, an actress came across the curious pup during a walk through Kensington, London and filmed the video earlier this month.

Naomi said: “I was just doing my daily quarantine walk and I was exploring the area.

“I was walking when I saw something move- I thought it was a toy, a stuffed animal or something like that but then it moved.

“It made me smile so I decided to film the video, to make other people smile too.

“I watched for a while and he popped his head in and out so he wasn’t stuck.

“He must like looking at the people passing by so his owners made him a hole which I thought was very sweet.

“It was just a cute random thing.”