Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane


A loving mutt has cared for a continuous stream of foster cats and kittens for the past six years in a beautiful display of affection.

Young professional Laura Tindal has fostered over 60 cats and kittens, while helping them on their way to finding loving homes.

Fostering the abandoned animals from her apartment in Toronto, Canada, Laura gets a helping hand, or should that be paw, from Raylan the nine-year-old Shepherd mix.

The kind mutt loves, nurtures and cares for the cats and kittens, and with a constant cycle of one to three cats living in Laura’s apartment, there is a lot of love to go around.

From carrying the kittens around in his mouth, to snuggling up and keeping them safe and warm, Raylan treats the kittens as if they were his own puppies.

Laura said: “I only foster cats and kittens. We never keep them, because if we did then we would have to stop fostering due to the size of my home.

“I have no idea why Raylan loves kittens. I brought home the first foster kitten when he was three-years-old and I was ready to keep them isolated from each other to be safe. However, Raylan immediately wanted to lick the cat and sleep with him and he was so gentle. It just seems to be in his nature.

“I’m so happy seeing Raylan with his kittens because he’s so content and also entertained! He’s a really smart dog who needs to be mentally stimulated constantly. So when he has his kittens he’s amused and feels like he has a job, which allows me some time to watch TV without guilt.

“But truly, seeing how sweet he is with the kittens and seeing how much the kittens just love him like a mother is truly heart warming.”