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By Robert Firth


The owner of a TWO STONE cat that weighs as much as a small dog says vets are baffled by the pet’s extraordinary size – and claims the tubby tabby is as healthy as any other moggy.

Melanie Be, 28, from Silver Spring, Maryland says her beloved nine-year-old feline Manson began piling on the pounds after being neutered when he was just over a year old.

The previously skinny and unsociable kitten’s personality softened as he started racking up extra pounds on the scales and porky pet Manson now loves nothing more than snuggling up on the laps of Melanie and her boyfriend, Alex Cha, 35.

Despite house cat Manson weighing almost three times more than the average house cat, artist Melanie insists she feeds him no more than her two other slimmer moggies and claims vets aren’t worried about his weight, despite cruel trolls telling her she’s killing her pet.

She said: “My boyfriend got Manson in 2012, and back then he was normal-sized but not very sociable or nice.

“I had never seen a cat so big in my life when I first saw him.

“After he was neutered, he started to get bigger and bigger and that’s when he became super sweet and friendly.

“We have two other cats which are average size and Manson doesn’t eat more than them.

“He gets wet food in the morning and at night and dry food throughout the day which he shares with the other cats.

“He’s a lot hungrier than them though and if I’m eating he will try and snatch the food with his paws.

“The last time he went to the vets he weighed 24lbs and broke their record for the largest cat they’d seen.

“He was in the weight range of a small dog, like a Boston Terrier.

“The vets don’t know why he weighs so much – they always do blood tests to see if he’s heathy and they say he’s fine.

“Other people are absolutely amazed how big he is.

“Everybody I’ve met says he is the biggest cat they’ve ever seen.”

While Manson weighs almost triple the amount of Melanie’s two other cats, Monkey and Mimosa, the gentle giant is easily scared and often gets chased away by 14-year-old Monkey, the most dominant of the three.

The tabby loves nothing more than lounging around and sleeping most of the day, but struggles to climb onto Melanie’s bed because of his size so prefers snuggling up on the floor.

He has become a celebrity among Melanie’s friends who encouraged her to set up an Instagram page for him in his nickname, ‘Fat Boy Little Head’.

The page, @FatBoyLittleHead, has since racked up more than 10,000 followers in just over a year and Melanie now shares regular updates of Manson’s life in the flat with his growing fanbase.

However, not everyone has seen the porky pussy’s funny side and Melanie has had hate mail from people who accuse her of overfeeding Manson – a claim she denies.

Melanie said: “Recently I got messages from one person saying that I’m killing him.

“I explained that he goes for regular check-ups at the vets, but they kept harassing me.

“I blocked them, but they kept making different accounts. They were really crazy.

“Luckily 99% of people online love him and are huge supporters.

“Manson spends most of the day sleeping, but he has trouble getting up to the bed because of his size.

“When it’s feeding time, he will be running at my boyfriend – I’ve never seen a cat run as fast as him.

“Other than sleeping and food, he’s a fan of death metal whenever we put it on – it’s one of the few things that wakes him up.

“Now that a lot of my friends know him, he has become a bit of a celebrity.

“I think he loves all the attention. Often he just stares back at the camera when I try to take a photo, like he’s posing.”