Animals Video

By William Lailey

A fox and her cubs have built an amazing friendship with an NHS worker.

Julie Levere, 37, friendship with the foxes first started in May 2018 – when she spotted a fox in despair in her back garden – who she nursed back to good health.

Once the fox was back on her feet, she invited her cubs to visit Julie’s back garden and the rest is history.

Julie from Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, has been feeding chicken bones and dog food to the family of foxes ever since.

She has shared images of the confident foxes who visit twice a day and even peep through her bathroom window.

Julie said: “They are a great thing to come home to after a long shift and I never thought I’d have so many sitting in my garden.

“I first spotted the one I have called Juni and she was in a bad state with mange, which is where the animal loses hair and I needed to help her in some way.

“I contacted my local wildlife hospital and they said keep an eye on her and to put out food to help her recover – a week later she was back to being a normal fox.

“A couple of months later, I treated a few of her cubs who showed up in the garden and they seemed very healthy.

“They’ve all got different facial features and I can tell them all apart from their faces.

“They have different personalities – Juni is quite laid back but Vixie who comes up to the bathroom window is very bold.

“As soon as they see me in the conservatory they sit up like little dogs waiting for some dinner.

“We’ve built trust and they feel safe in my garden here which is why I am able to document them.

“We feed them eggs and dog food, raw chicken bones – it’s all fresh. We don’t hand feed them as it isn’t good practice.

“I don’t get too close to them because they are wild and I make sure that when I am taking my pictures of them I stay away as much as possible.

“I’ll sit from my back door with a zoom lens and they will sit and just look at me – I know that they have come for their dinner but it’s such a special moment when they are all together.

“If there are cubs in the garden they like to play and I throw them the dog toy and they play with that. I’ve left the garden natural with weeds growing so it encourages them to play and jump and hide in the grass.”

Julie works in the laboratory for the NHS and says it is busier than ever due to the covid-19 outbreak.

She said: “There is nothing better than coming home after to relax and take photos of the foxes from afar.”