Offbeat Video

By Lucy Notarantonio


A mum-of-one has transformed her home into a unique home filled with squiggles, swirls and stripes.

Natasha McBrinn, 28, isn’t afraid of experimenting with colour in her brightly painted home which has multi-coloured feature walls along with bright pink, purple and yellow furniture.

She has even put her own unique spin on her washing machine which has duct tape squiggles and her dining table has vinyl’s stuck on to it.

The family support worker purchases most items from charity shops and regularly receives unwanted furniture from people but her creative flow means she has the ability to ‘zhoosh’ anything up.

Natasha, from Ormskirk, West Lancs, said.: “When I first moved into my house everything was white, cream and neutral – I didn’t like it.

“I first starting adding colour by buying a yellow sofa with flowers and the progressively adding more and more from February 2019.

“Now, the only bare walls I have are covered with paintings or neon lights.

“I wear a lot of 90’s colourful clothing so my home matches my personality.

“I love painting anything and everything along with using different colour duct tape to make new designs.

“My whole staircase was created using duct tape!

“You can get different coloured rolls for a few pound and it goes a long way – I create zig zags and swirls using it.

“A lot of the walls have a mixture of pink, blue, purple and yellow.”

Natasha says her colourful kitchen was inspired by American sitcom Save By The Bell, Rugrats as well as Monica’s kitchen from Friends.

She adds: “I am inspired by a lot of things, sometimes it is TV shows, clothes or something I have seen online.

“I get urges to transform everything, I can’t stand white which is why I’ve even added a little something to my washing machine.

“It isn’t expensive as I only buy the paint and up-cycle old furniture from friends or charity shops.

“My house is out of the ordinary and everything stands out but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Guests are always like ‘wow’ when they see my home – they think my wacky designs are fun.”

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