Animals Video

By Leah Fox

A pampered V-I-Poodle has become a well-known celeb in his glamorous hometown of Beverly Hills, partying with superstars and being treated like royalty in top restaurants and hotels.

Three-year-old standard poodle Sebastian can’t go anywhere in public without adoring fans asking for pictures due to his beaming smile and perfectly coiffed white fur – and the pedigree pooch has even been featured in a Beyonce music video, partied in Vegas with Lady Gaga, and appeared on billboards in Times Square and Melrose Avenue modelling for Pretty Little Thing.

The pampered pet has also captured the hearts of the staff and owners of famous celeb hangouts like the Waldorf Astoria Rooftop and SoHo House West Hollywood, who bring out pillows and his own bowl when he visits up to four times a week.

His doting owner, fashion designer Allysa Payne, 35, only has to spend £400 per year on her pooch’s enviable lifestyle as he often gets free meals in the star-studded city because he’s so well-loved – but does splash out almost £3,000 every 12 months on keeping his snow white locks pristine.

Childless Allysa, who describes Sebastian as like her child, said: “Sebastian is very famous in Beverly Hills – we know a lot of owners of restaurants and hotels and he’s always treated like royalty.

“When we go to the rooftop of the Waldorf Astoria, they bring him his own pillow and his own bed and bowl of water – it’s very sweet, we appreciate everything but never expect anything.

“People are always really excited to see him because he has such a personality, and he always brings smiles and love to everyone he encounters out on our daily adventures.

“I never say no to pictures – we can’t make it two feet without someone asking to take a picture.

“It’s so much fun, but overwhelming at the same time!

“Beverly Hills is extremely dog friendly and I think people approach Sebastian because he always has a smile on his face, and he is so unique.

“Sebastian lives this big glamorous lifestyle but he is also very humble and kind – he still loves to go to Oregon and run around on my parents’ farm with their Labradoodle, Finn, and Standard Poodle, Molly.”

Allysa has had a passion for poodles since she was a young girl, and in 2017 flew from Beverly Hills to a top breeder in her home state of Oregon to pick up Sebastian as an eight-week-old puppy.

When she launched a shoe and handbag company in 2014, she realised she had extra designer custom leather left over and launched a pet fashion brand – Luxury Pet Fashion – with her pet at the helm.

The 35-year-old first began to post on Sebastian’s Instagram page while she was waiting for him to be born and her pictures of the pooch’s fabulous lifestyle now enjoys more than 12,000 global followers.

Often pictured in stylish sunglasses and glitzy outfits, the poodle loves getting pampered too, with Allysa spending around £240 ($300 USD) a month on his fortnightly grooming sessions – £2,880 a year.

Allysa said: “I’ve always had an obsession with standard poodles – not only because they are extremely beautiful but also because they’re super intelligent.

“I was on the list for a white male, the one I had dreamt about for so many years, and was working on my new collection in Italy while Sebastian’s mum was giving birth.

“I then flew back to Beverly Hills from Italy, then straight to Oregon to get him.

“I picked up each puppy, trying to make sure I made the right decision and Sebastian cuddled into me, wrapping his head around my neck, cuddling under my hair – he chose me and I never put him back down!

“When I started my company I had a lot of extra very expensive custom leather leftover, and was brainstorming ways I could use it so it wouldn’t be wasted.

“My first sample dog collars and leashes sold right away.

“I even made Sebastian a special ‘Vegas Bling’ custom Swarovski hardware collar, leash and harness set for New Year’s Eve when we attended an exclusive VIP event with Lady Gaga in Las Vegas.”

Sebsatian meets up with one of his 25 poodle friends for lunch several times a week, with the posse all sporting their collars from his range, before snapping cute pictures as if they were humans on a fancy date.

Allysa also enjoys putting on luxurious birthday events for Sebastian, spending another £400 ($500 USD) a year on treats and presents for him – and she hopes to book a suite at luxury five-star hotel The Peninsula for his birthday next year.

The pooch has also recently starred in a modelling campaign for Pretty Little Thing alongside American rapper Saweetie, and he’s due to be featured in a music video with Beyoncé for her upcoming album.

She added: “Sebastian is 100 per cent like my child, from the moment I saw him I thought ‘this is it’.

“He brings so much happiness to others too – whenever we walk in Beverly Hills people always comment.

“Even big masculine men will walk past and say he’s such a beautiful dog.

“I’m actually on the list for a female poodle later on this year so Sebastian will have a sister soon – and someone to wear pink!”

You can follow Sebastian’s stylish lifestyle on Instagram: @sebastianthestandard @luxurypetfashion and @allysapaynebeverlyhills