Video Viral

By Joseph McFarlane and Jack Mobley


A family are counting down the days until lock-down is lifted, as a father and his four daughter’s quarantined home-life is ran like a strict school schedule by principal mum.

With her school closed due to the global pandemic, principal of Cannon Falls Elementary school, Jennifer Chappuis, 39, has brought her working life into her home in Rosemount, Minnnesota.

Running the household like a tight ship, Jennifer’s four daughters, Hattie, 13, Harper, 12, Hildey, 9 and Holdyn, 7, have had to start each morning with meetings, have had to deal with lunch-time detentions and have even been handed notes for leaving the “classroom” without permission.

Husband, Matt, 40, who is also a teacher, hasn’t gotten off lightly either as Jennifer has put the P.E. professional on a “Performance Improvement Plan” for not providing appropriate learning targets for their daughters.

Jennifer said: “We are doing okay. I would say the hardest part of all of this is attempting to educate our two littlest who are in the first and third grade. They need constant direction, but at the same time we both are working.

“We try to come together in the morning to make of list of items with each girl. I have no idea how parents without a teaching background are doing it.

“Being an elementary principal from a “distance” its been a wild ride. It’s not just the students I am worried about, it’s also my staff. I have been holding weekly meetings to remain connected, I have done some fun mailings for them, I attend their team meetings but I can’t see their faces and I know this is the hardest thing they have ever done.

“We all went into education and our current jobs with children are the focus and doing it through a computer screen is about as challenging as it gets.”