Animals Video

By William Lailey


A pet owner started taking her kookaburra with her on daily walks, as the bird was getting ‘bored and restless’.

Kat Tate, 35, a wildlife rescuer takes one – year old Siren for a walk every day, around Walcott, Norfolk.

Siren, a kookaburra, belongs to the kingfisher family, is native to Australia and has been used to attend events and school talks to educate people about birds but with those cancelled he was getting bored.

And seeing that the lockdown has started to affect him, she started taking him to her daily walks.

Kat, who already has several jackdaws, magpies, pheasants and two dogs, added Siren to the family when he was only eight weeks old.

Kat said:“Out of all the animals he is the most relaxed and happy to just perch and watch the world go by.

“Siren has a big personality, which we were surprised by-he is not afraid of much and is very attached to me and my partner,often following us from room to room.

“He loves grabbing random items around the house and practicing his ‘killing’ by bashing them on the floor or perches.

“He has a toy rubber snake that a friend bought us which he loves to play with.

“As lockdown began all the events he would usually attend were cancelled -all the trips out we would’ve taken to see friends were also cancelled and we noticed he seemed to be getting a bit restless and bored.

“So we just decided to take him out with the dogs on our daily walk to see if it helped lift his mood.

“He absolutely loved it and seemed to perk up and come alive whilst out so we just made a habit of bringing him with us.

“Seeing others on walks was also nice as it seemed to brighten their days up too.

“A  lot of what he’s getting is the mental stimulation of seeing prey , being with his family unit and more importantly, seeing new things.

“But I think more than anything he is used to going out and being in different places.

“I also see him get excited when seeing people out on walks and he particularly reacts positively when he hears or sees crows and rooks.

“Usually people are incredibly happy to see us, and will either ask what he is or will assume he’s a woodpecker.

“When I tell them he’s a kookaburra they seem quite excited and ask how loud he is-usually I can get Siren to offer them a quick example , which I think makes their day. “