Offbeat Video

By Dan Coles and Aliki Kraterou


A man who was looking forward to going to Glastonbury this summer was gutted when the event got cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak and decided to make his own Lego Glastonbury in his garden.

Adam Hardman, 30, a contract manager from Warrington, Cheshire, spent hours to create his own version of the legendary festival, entirely out of Lego and filmed the video on the 25th of April (SAT).

Adam, along with his housemate Jonathan Oakes, made a replica of Glastonbury, including the famous Pyramid Stage, lights, Lego audience and even a smoke machine.

The videos have been shared by thousands on social media and Adam says he has received countless messages of happy Glasto fans.

Adam said: “There’s been a lot of sad news lately and I wanted to do something to make people smile.

“More and more festivals are getting cancelled, I don’t go on holidays every year, I prefer to go to festivals.

“Obviously I love Glastonbury, I have watched it for as long as I can remember I have been in the last two and I was looking forward to getting a ticket at the re-sale but obviously it got cancelled.

“I had nothing left to do so when the postman left a lego character I had ordered I came up with the idea. “

The creative friends used wood that had left in their shed, and any materials or devices they could find around the house.

Once the stage was ready they started filming and they kept adding props – they have also used an i-pad as a screen, showing past performances of the Chemical Brothers, Coldplay, Dolly Parton and the Killers.

Adam added: “We started filming it and realised it looked good so we thought we’d get a little bit more creative.

“People’s reaction has been amazing, they tell me ‘this is probably the only festival I’ll see this year’ and others say it made them laugh.

“For a die hard Glastonbury fan like me it’s so much more, I’m gonna relive it since I can’t get there.

“The intention was just to make a few people smile locally, we didn’t expect it to go so viral.”