Life Video

By Alyce Collins


After seeing a pest control employee outside, this mum decided to start a game of tic tac toe through the window to brighten both their days.

On April 14, stay at home mum Aimee Martin, 34, from Southlake, Texas, recorded herself taking a whiteboard marker to the window of her home.

Aimee knocked on the glass and the pest control employee was happy to have a game.

Playing the game was exciting for Aimee but she also admits her gratitude for him taking the time out from his day.

Aimee said: “I saw the pest control employee working outside and wondered if he’d play with me.

“So I grabbed a dry erase marker and knocked on the window and he seemed very happy to play.

“Quarantine with a one year old has been exhausting and mundane. The few minutes that he took out of his day to humor me was extremely thoughtful.

“It’s the little things that keep the community sane at this time.”