Life Video

By Randal Coombs


During quarantine, this father created a hibachi restaurant at home for his son’s 2nd birthday on April 5.

The head chef, Jeremy Tuck, set up the open grill and ingredients in his dining room in Atlanta, Georgia.

The entire family love hibachi and traditionally go out for birthdays, but Jeremy decided to create his own restaurant with the griddle pan, spatulas and variety of foods to prepare in front of the family.

Similarly to restaurants they frequented, Jeremy goes around the table asking his sons what they would like to eat whilst slamming the metal paddles on the grill.

Jeremy prepared a delicious meal for the family consisting of fried chicken or shrimp with rice along with a plethora of spices and sauces.

Jeremy said: “The idea came about my sons love Hibachi and we try to take the every time one of them have a birthday but of course this time was different.

“Avery was turning two and we had to be home so I got my wife to order a griddle from target, googled staple hibachi items and told them that we would have our own at the house.

“We have done it twice since and it’s about to be a weekly staple in our home.

“I’m definitely not a chef … my dad taught me how to cook.”