Amazing Offbeat Video

By William Lailey


A dad-of-two who was left feeling bored during lockdown has creating some iconic portraits – such as Elvis Presley – in his carpet using his VACUUM.

Andrew Peter Joyce, 47, says he would start cleaning his family home to cure his boredom when he realised he could create shapes in the carpet using the vacuum.

From creating mundane stripes, Andrew has gone on to spend hours drawing iconic images such as Elvis Presley, Mona Lisa, John Lennon and Charlie Chaplin.

Andrew says his wife, Wendy Joyce, 46, couldn’t believe her eyes when returning from her shift as a health care assistant after showcasing his first design in their lounge.

The sales manager said: “Wendy is working a lot of night shifts and once the kids, Oscar, 12 and Isla, seven, went to bed, I started to feel bored.

“I began to clean and would make stripes in the carpet with our Dyson so it was obvious to her that I had done the hoovering.

“The next night I did diagonal stripes and it just escalated from there.

“From a cityscape to Mona Lisa and Elvis Presley, people online began requesting certain drawings.

“So I then did Gotham with the NHS in the sky, the Storm Trooper with the message ‘Stay At Home’ to encourage people not to go out.”

Andrew has since perfected his portraits by using different settings on the hoover.

He added: “It started off using the big head on the Dyson and soon realised I used a brush, a comb and a spatula.

“Some of the requests have been a little bit ambitious for me. People are asking what vacuum cleaner we have but it’s all about the tools.

“I’ve not seen anyone else draw into their carpet – i am fairly lucky because we’ve just done the house up and the carpet is brand new and thick – grey seems to work really well because you can make light and dark grey – whether it would work on other colours or white I don’t know!”

“It can can take up a couple of hours to complete one image but it’s something to keep everyone entertained during isolation and a bit of fun.”