Life Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane and Aliki Kraterou


A prankster filled his mum’s car with 3000 red plastic cups, in a bid to cheer her up as she is working on the frontline.

Nicholas Murray, 19, had spent £80 on 3000 plastic red cups for a big party he was planning- which was cancelled because of the lockdown.

Looking for something to do with the cups, he came up with the idea of filling his mum’s car, in an attempt to brighten her day.

Victoria Epsworth, 39, a manager of a care home in Stevenage Herts, was getting ready to go to work when she came across her car, filled all the way up with red plastic cups and although she was annoyed, she admitted it cheered her up.

Nicholas said: “I bought 3000 red cups because I was going to throw this party but it obviously got canceled.

“It was just something to do- I thought ‘I got so many cups, I  might as well do something with them.

“There are a lot of restrictions with everything going on and I wanted to do something to cheer my mum up.

“First thing she said ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe what you did’.

“After a while I just helped her a bit and then she just drove off to work.

“She found it funny, she was a bit annoyed at me but she said it’s nice to do things like this to enlighten not only her mood but others too.

“If I had done it to anyone else, they would have killed me – but mums are supposed to forgive you.”

Nicholas says he still got his garage full of plastic red cups and is now planning to fill his sister’s bedroom with them.

His mum, Victoria said: “It was a mix of emotions, my son Nick is always full of silly jokes and pranks.

“This one did get me a bit mad but also cracked a smile to my face which is great and just what I need with everything going on being a key worker.”