Animals Video

By Jessica Testa


If you’re struggling to keep your fitness routine going without being able to go to the gym, perhaps it’s time to get your pets involved.

This dog trainer used her 30kg one-and-a-half year old pup, Odin, as a weight while doing a few back squats at home in New Zealand.

Wendy Thorman, 31, says she was looking for ways to keep her fitness up with no gym equipment required back when the lockdown first hit New Zealand in March.

She managed to do 10 back squats during that session and has done more since.

She said: “I didn’t quite go deep enough at the start so it may not constitute a proper back squat!“

Wendy said she wouldn’t recommend other dog owners unless they know their dog is happy to be handled in this way and can do it safely.

“Odin was a bit apprehensive but he didn’t resist me picking him up at all. He seems to enjoy it actually!”

“If your dog is comfortable like mine, then yes it’s a good workout!”