Amazing Life Video

By William Lailey


An artist has created a sequence of realistic foods with embroidery – and they look so good, you want to eat them.

The artist, who is known only as Ipnot, 33, from Kyoto, Japan, has been creating tiny pieces of food sewn artwork for the past five years.

Some of her creations include a hamburger, sushi rolls, hotdog, pizza and cookies.

Ipnot says some designs take just sevens day to complete whereas others can take over one month.

She added: When I was younger I was looking at my grandma’s creations through embroidery and that inspired me to pursue my dream into this business.

“I love recreating things in a miniature size as it’s something that has fascinated me since childhood.

“The length of time for the embroidery depends on the size of the artwork.

“I use my needle like a paintbrush and I stitch one knot at a time.

“A small design will be completed within a week, but complicated and large ones, it will take a month more.

“A grain of French knot is about 1 mm, and of course, it takes to complete a picture because it will be done after every point or stroke is connected.”

Ipnot says she enjoys nothing more than creating the food art.

He added: “Food art is so creative that I can enjoy it with my five senses.

“I have a lot of memories with Japanese dishes and I am so familiar with it, so I can be much inspired by this art.”