Animals Video

By Iain Watts


It’s the lamb national! A thrilled farmer captured this adorable footage of dozens of lambs leaping over a wall like they were completing a steeplechase race.

Lifelong farmer Andrew Brown filmed the clip on his land in the village of Great Asby, Cumbria, last week after temporarily separating the newborns from their mothers to feed the adult sheep.

Having spotted the cute phenomenon before but never managed to capture it on camera, the 45-year-old laid hidden in wait with his phone to film the animals jumping off a small stone ridge to be reunited with their parents.

Andrew, whose family moved to the Cumbrian farm in 1983, said: “The lambs congregate on that rock edge and as you can see in the video, they like to skip and jump off.

“They are skipping and playing more frequently this year because the weather is bright and sunny and warm, which means their spirits are higher.

“Just like us humans, if they are cold and wet they are miserable and they just stand behind the walls shivering.

“Some years, lamb races like this are never seen until June.”

Andrew has just finished this year’s lambing season, with his 1,000 ewes giving birth to 1,800 babies.

When he posted the heart-warming video on social media it racked up hundreds of likes and shares – with many people saying the clip had put a smile on their face during lockdown.

Andrew added: “When I posted the clip on Facebook, it went down really well – it’s amazing to think some lambs from an isolated part of Cumbria have been seen by people all over the world.”