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By Taniya Dutta


If you think you’re desperate for a haircut during lockdown, spare a thought for Indian comedian  Christopher Lazarus – who has not cut his hair for last 15 years has dreadlocks that measure almost 6ft.

Christopher, 32, from Mumbai in western India has the longest dreadlocks in Asia and the comedian could be the male with longest dreadlocks in the world.

His hair weighs eight pounds but despite the length and the massive weight, Christopher says he faces no problem in his day-to-day activities.

His dreads are so long and heavy that he often needs an extra seat to keep them from hanging down to floor. While in a car, he keeps his dreads on his lap and in flights, he looks for a seat next to a no-show. And he never takes an Uber share.

“I have had my dreads for close to 15 years and 8 months. I have trimmed them twice by four inches because they started touching the ground and I was almost tripping on the on stairs,” he said.

“They are 178 cm long and weigh around 8 pounds but I face no problem while walking or sleeping as I have gotten used to my hair over the past so many years but for comfort, I do need another chair to keep them.”

Christopher’s long, thick dreads have made him a social media star.

He said: “People constantly come and ask me for pictures – I gladly say yes and give the best smile with my catch phrase “Keep Smiling”.

Christopher kept growing his dreadlocks naturally and started working at a radio station where his passion for dreadlocks was encouraged by creative peers.

Eventually, he ended doing stand-up comedy by the stage name of DreadIndian, besides working as a creative producer at an English-language music channel.

“I had planned to keep them only for three years, then after graduation, chop all off, remove piercings and become a decent mama’s boy and get a desk job like my father and brother but God had different plans and so here I am doing stand-up comedy, Christopher said.

He often knits jokes around his dreadlocks for Instagram fans, one such being using his extra thick mane as a clothesline to dry up wet clothes, but never usually uses his hair as a subject for his gigs.

“Dreads help people in recognising me but that’s about it. Earlier in my career, when I was just starting out I used to do comedy on how people perceived me because of my dreads, stereotypes and all but I don’t do that set now,” he says.

To keep his mane healthy and clean, Christopher washes his hair once a week, which needs half a bottle of shampoo, and an hour of washing and another five hours of drying.

He says, “Washing them takes an hour but the drying takes five hours. I wrap my dreads in a towel after squeezing out all the excess water, put on a nice sci-fi movie and let them air dry.

“Dreads need to be dried completely else there are chances of mildew growth and one will smell like a wet sock. Another thing is, stay away from kids and dirty unkempt people or one might get head lice from them and will have to eventually chop dreads off.”

Because of his funny persona and unique hair length, Christopher has managed to get love and acceptance by his peers and colleagues, except his mom wants him to cut his dreadlocks.

But the comedian says, he is blessed to have a good hair length and would never cut them off.

“Only my mom hates my dreads but other than her, everyone loves them.

“I love my dreads; I have a good growth and they will stay with me till my death,” Christopher signed off.