Animals Life Video

By Alyce Collins


This toddler and his labrador are thick as thieves as they get caught raiding the dog’s food.

Business co-owner Aleace Cunningham, 30, from Brisbane, Australia, caught her 11-month-old son Jade secretly feeding the family dog, Ava.

Jade loves his dog and the two spend most of their time side by side. Ava is a labrador and rottweiler cross.

Aleace was initially surprised that her son could even get into the food container, but she admits it was quite funny to see.

Aleace said: “Jade absolutely adores Ava, he said her name before he said ‘dad’.

“He shares his food with her, so she needs to go outside when it’s his dinner time otherwise she gets all his food.

“I was very surprised that he knew how to get into the container and then I found it so funny.

“All her patience with him has paid off and she can now reap the rewards.”