Life Offbeat Video

By Taniya Dutta


As kids are locked inside homes during the coronavirus pandemic, a 12-year-old student has found a unique way to mow the lawn – while balancing on a hoverboard.

Evan McGill, from Bucklebury, Berkshire, doesn’t like cutting the grass in his back garden but to kill the boredom as well as help his mum Sarah McGill with cutting the grass, came up with the ingenious idea.

Sarah, a designer, said: “We are trying to think of interesting ways to do boring jobs and Evan came up with the hover board idea.

“Cutting the grass is now not quite the chore that it once was.

“He has also been shooting hoops while jumping on the trampoline to make it more interesting.”

Evan, with his twin sisters Charlotte and Annabel, 10, is trying to use every bit of space in their house as they are lockdown amid coronavirus outbreak.

His sisters enjoy lying in hammocks tied under trampoline and paint small stones that they leave them around the village while out on their daily walk.

“Their friends are doing the same. The children love finding them and it adds interest to their walk,” said Sarah.