Life Video

By Joe McFarlane and Jack Mobley


After a stag party was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, a groom’s creative pals joined forces in order to create a role-playing, video-game themed adventure.

With parties, weddings and stag-does being cancelled and postponed on a global scale due to the risks surrounding the current global pandemic, people have been getting creative in order to overcome missing out on special occasions.

With David ‘Rupert’ Roth’s, 37, stag-do cancelled, friends and Realm Pictures colleagues banded together in order to create a socially-distant but immersive video game experience for David and his fiancée, Angel Morgan-Valentine, 28 to experience from the safety of their home.

Themed after popular role-playing games such as “Dungeons and Dragons” and “Skyrim”, David’s quest began on April 12th from his living-room sofa in Devon.

Commanding a camera that acted as his first-person character, David set-out on a battle between good an evil, health and the coronavirus, in order to save the population of a fictional medieval town.

With friends and colleagues taking up roles of wizards and villains, David had an immersive stag-do like no other.

Creative director of Realm Pictures, David Reynolds, 34, said: “Rupert has been a great friend ever since we cast him as the 9ft tall ‘boss’ at the end of our ‘Real Life First Person Shooter’ film. He’s been playing DnD with us weekly ever since.

“Unfortunately, Rupert’s stag do was cancelled due to the Covid-19 lockdown, so his best-man, Ben Pering, reached out to the stag party group looking for suggestions for a digital alternative. Soon we were designing a huge cardboard dungeon-romp for him to play remotely.

“My wife and I built the cardboard town, dungeon, sewers and so on in our living room, and a miniature GoPro equipped camera car for him to control remotely. Everyone else dressed their living rooms up as the tavern, village shop, wizard’s emporium and combat arena, and with a bit of technical wizardry, Rupert was able to explore the fantasy world from his living room.

“Every time he interacted with a non-playable character, or triggered a combat, we switched the video feed to one of the other stag’s houses.

“We first floated the idea four weeks before it eventually happened. The first two weeks were fairly relaxed, building the tech, props etc. The last two weeks were a lot more intense – lots of disastrous rehearsals, all-nighters and so on.

“Rupert didn’t know what was happening to start with. When he realised it was all of us, he was really touched.

“By the end, after nearly four hours of playing, he vanquished the evil knight Covid and saved the town by using a scroll of ‘Summon Stags’  – which summoned the power of all his ridiculous stag party guests that couldn’t be there with him in person. Everyone recorded personal messages.”