Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


A three-year-old girl will soon be taking up her father’s mantle after running to the rescue to save her doll from a pretend backyard fire.

Darcey Cook, three, has been showing off her rescue and firefighting skills that she picked up from her firefighter dad, Jamie.

Hearing an “emergency” alarm, Darcey, kitted out in her very own protective uniform, sprung unto action by running out into her garden in Cambridgeshire.

Removing her doll from the scene of the “blaze”, Darcey proceeded to put the pretend fire out, that was drawn all over the fence, with a hose and water.

Jamie said: “Darcey is already keen on being a firefighter and loves dressing up and pretending to be one. We thought there must lots of children out there stuck inside and looking for something to do and thought we could have a bit of fun.

“Darcey often joins me and the rest of the crew at community events where we promote the role around the town, and she always helps at our car washes too. We are hoping Darcey will bring her friends along and lead the next generation of firefighters at the station when she’s old enough.

Darcey’s mum, Becky, added: “When Jamie comes home from work, especially if he’s been called out, Darcey is always keen to find out what he’s been doing and where he’s been. We can tell she is very proud of her firefighter daddy and wants to be just like him.”