Life Video

By Jessica Testa


This very patient dad shows exactly what it’s like to work from home when you have kids.

Consultant Jimmy Morales, 33, decided to record the funny conversation his four-year-old daughter Myla was trying to have with him as he finished up his work day in his home office in Anaheim, California.

He said: “Both of my daughters come in any time the door is left unlocked. I don’t know how often, but I can tell you the door handle is now loose and there is a hole in the drywall from the door slamming open.”

While Jimmy said he has been a little jealous of his child-less friends having Zoom wine parties and watching movies on Netflix during this quarantine period, his kids are the source of his joy and entertainment.

Since it was after 6pm he decided not to ask her to leave and instead let her remind him that it was time to hit send on that final email of the day.

“I usually lock my office while I’m working unless I end up working past 6pm, in which case I leave the door open so my girls get the message that work isn’t the most important thing in the world to me.”

“It also helps me call it a day because they come in and distract me to the point where I may as well clock out for the night.”