Animals Video

By Jack Mobley


This hilarious clip appears to be a man doing something rather rude and inappropriate but once the blanket is pulled back, it reveals two adorable sausage dogs cleaning each other.

Neil Rushton was getting warm and snuggly under a blanket at home in Yeovil on April 21st.

There was a discrepancy on the blanket and it appeared as if Neil was motioning his hand up and down, one only assumes the worst.

But as Neil pulls back the blanket, Bailey and Louis were on Neil’s lap cleaning one another and making the blanket move in such a way.

Neil said: “In the evening the dogs like to snuggle up to each other under a blanket, they did this on my lap this time and my girl dog Bailey started cleaning my boy dog Louis.

“This looked very suspicious of me as I draped the blanket over myself as well and it was a couple of minutes before we decided to film her and show the reveal.”