Animals Life Video

By Jessica Testa


This seven-year-old girl from Bushfield in Victoria decided to take the rubbish out while riding a horse.

Student Farzana Khanyari, 23, said she and her daughter Ria wanted to take part in the bin outing trend and decided to use her love of horses to put their own spin on it.

Riding her 18-year-old gelding Welsh mountain pony, Jesse, Ria trots down the driveway with a huge rubbish bag in her hand on their weekly bin night on April 13.

She said: “My daughter found it challenging to tow the bin on the horse so she decided to take the rubbish bag instead!”

“Riding horses is our hobby and passion and she has been doing it for three years now.

“We thought, what better way to contribute to isolation bin outings! We wanted to be creative.”