Life Video

By Jessica Testa


This creative super mum decided to make a little treat for her four-year-old daughter who is obsessed with Sushi Train.

Victorian-based freelance writer Katherine Bowman, 29, set up their train set on the dining table, complete with plates of homemade sushi for dinner on April 13.

Her daughter Sienna was ecstatic when she saw what was on the menu.

“She was so excited! Even her two-year-old twin sisters were excited. They all wowed at it and jumped straight up onto their chairs for dinner.”

Katherine said the interesting dinner choice made it easy for them to get the girls to simply sit and eat their dinner.

“We no longer live near a sushi train, but any chance she has, she chooses sushi, and if we are away from home and there’s a sushi train, she gets really excited to go there.”

“I don’t normally go to this extreme for dinner. This was just a special bit of fun because we’re all starting to get a bit bored at home.”