Video Viral

By Jack Mobley


A total of 39 stuntmen and women came together to create a stunning fist-fight over video while quarantined.

Director of world renowned stunt school, Campus Univers Cascades in Vaureal, France, Lucas Dollfus coordinated the action-packed video in early April.

The viral clip, racking up over six million views on Twitter, sees the various stuntmen trade blows with impressive props, stunts and strikes.

With the social-distancing measures keeping everyone apart, these professional stunt people act as if they are fighting each other during the two and a half minute video.

Lucas said: “Our professional stuntmen exchange blows through their phone and camera for a special containment challenge.

“The idea was proposed by a stuntman and his team from Los Angeles and we decided with my team to make our own with humour and originality.

“We laughed and we are happy with this video which united our team of professional stuntmen.

“The participants represent the stunt team of Campus Univers Cascades, the biggest stunt school in the world based in France.”