Life Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane

A man in lock-down decided to buy a mannequin head for company, and proceeded to help bring his new companion to life by shaving off his own hair so he could stick it to his new friend’s bald bonce.

Being stuck at home alone in isolation started to get to Jack, so he decided to buy a mannequin head online.

Offering up a gift to his new lock-down companion, Jack shaved off his own hair on April 18th in his home in Boston, MA, and stuck his shaven locks to the top of the mannequin’s bald head.

Bestowing the name “Bush” to his new roommate, Jack then proceed to give his pal a full makeover.

Jack said: “I had recently bleached my hair, as one does in quarantine, and needed to buzz it off because it wasn’t healthy. My brother gave me the idea of saving it to make a wig.

“I decided to buy a mannequin for $9 off of amazon and designed a “DIY quarantine friend” for when you’re alone in your house. I named her “Bush” because of the bushy hair style.

“I think that I’ve been dealing with the pandemic as well as the next person. I wish I was back at college with my friends, but I’m glad that people are staying home and reducing the risk of transmission. “Bush” has helped to entertain my family and get us through some of the boredom.”