Life Video Viral

By Jessica Testa


An Australian street has found a way to come together while maintaining social distancing – by dressing up on their weekly bin night.

Student and barista Caity Allport, 20, said her mum was the one who came up with the idea and convinced all of their neighbours to take part.

She said: “She felt it was a great way to have a good laugh, keep people’s spirits up and stay connected while socially distancing.”

As Caity recorded her neighbours having a great time in their colourful outfits, she was so happy to see them all get into the spirit and have a bit of a laugh.

“We had an absolute blast! It was just an evening of great entertainment and drinks where we all forgot about what’s actually happening at the moment.”

“My favourite outfit was by far Vicki’s, who was dressed in a Bollywood themed outfit. This was just so out of character for her so it was awesome to see her let down her walls and just be silly and have a laugh. The lady dressed as “The Virus” was pretty creative too.”

“My neighbours are like my second family. We always catch up so that’s why this was special to us.”