Amazing Life Video

By Federico Cornetto and Randal Coombs


A photographer captured some rare images of the sea life that inhabits Venice’s canals during the COVID-19 quarantine.

In April 2020, photographer and zoologist Andrea Mangoni, 45, from Venice, took advantage of the lack of people and traffic to film some of his city’s hidden inhabitants.

Andrea filmed from both out of the water and underwater, capturing images of jellyfish, crabs, sea sponges and little fish thriving in the waters of the city which are becoming increasingly clear.

Andrea said: “Since the start of quarantine there have been a lot less boats and ferries creating traffic and the water in the canals has begun to clear up.

“The result is that the canals have become more transparent and you can see through them, both from outside and from underwater.

“The animals you see now have always been here, the difference is that now they’re easier to spot.”