Life Video

By Hannah Phillips


A cheeky daughter secretly replaced family portraits with colourful crayon drawings in an elaborate prank on her parents.

Kristen Vogler, 29, spent days replacing the family photos on a wall at her home in Easton, Massachusetts, with hand-drawn sketches one by one  before parents Mike and Paula, both 59, eventually noticed that something was amiss.

But reporter Paula and IT worker Mike didn’t spot what their daughter had been up to until 11 days later when all the photos on the wall had become crayon pictures – and Kristen managed to capture their hilarious moment of realisation on camera.

The graphic designer said: “I saw on social media that someone had replaced all their family photos with photos of Nicolas Cage and thought it was hilarious.

“We don’t have any photos of Nicolas Cage but I found loads of crayons so I started replacing the photos one by one.

“It was so funny because they walk through the door next to the photos probably five of six times per day.”

Kristen started scribbling some hand drawn portraits of her family at the beginning of April when her parents were on the phone or on their daily walk, and was astounded when 11 days passed before the couple noticed their photos had been replaced.

She said: “It was hard to keep it up without giving it away.

“I was texting updates to my friends but told them not to tell anyone.

“One day we were in the house and it was raining like crazy, we were just looking out of the window and my mum walked past the photos, did a double take and just said ‘what is that?’

“They had a good laugh about it but of course my dad said he’d always known in the back of his mind.”

Kristen posted the video online which has since gone viral, racking up more than 42,000 likes and shares.

She said: “The video got a lot more attention than I thought it would.

“My mum and dad keep asking for updates on how many views and shares it’s had.

“My dad challenged my mum to a bet that if it reached one million views in a week he wouldn’t have to eat any more broccoli for the rest of the year.

“It has given us a lot of entertainment. It’s a fun thing for everyone to laugh at and it’s fun seeing the reactions and the comments.”

The prankster has been in isolation with her parents for the past three weeks and says practical jokes helps to keep up morale.

She said: “When you’re stuck inside day after day it does get boring so you need something to change it up.

“I do enjoy pranks. Before my sister, Kerri, turned 21, I did a load of pranks in the week leading up to her birthday.

“I wrapped everything in her room in cellophane, down to pennies and then on her actual birthday I blew up 500 balloons to fill up her room.

“I ended up with blisters on my fingers from trying to tie them up. I make sure they’re all good fun and harmless.”