Amazing Life Video

By Alyce Collins


As many proms have been cancelled under the current circumstances, this teen was going to go without until her parents stepped in to recreate it.

Toyota worker Tanya Tilford, 44, from Woodstock, Ontario, couldn’t bear the thought of her seventeen-year-old daughter Paige missing her school prom.

So, on April 18, Paige donned her red prom dress and walked downstairs to be greeted by her fellow prom guests, her parents.

Tanya pushed furniture aside to make space for Paige and her dad to sweetly dance together.

Tanya said, “Paige has been very upset about the possibility of not going to prom.

“We spent weeks looking for her dress and she was so excited about wearing it!

“We moved the living room furniture to make room for them to dance. She has not stopped smiling since.

“It’s tough for the 2020 grads right now, this is supposed to be their best year.”