Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe


An energetic raccoon hit the gym in order to get buff in a hilarious set of work-out videos.

Three years ago, Anna Ramaznaova, 28, decided to bring a pet raccoon into her life in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Having now lived with Anna most of his life, Cosmos is not your average raccoon, and even likes to hit the gym in order to turn his fluff into buff.

Anna said: “He’s a rather unusual raccoon, he doesn’t like to go outside. He’s a completely domesticated raccoon that spoils nothing and lives in harmony with all members of the household.

“Cosmos helps me do some exercises, such as squats, running around the room and jumping on the bed.

“In the company of such a pet, quarantine is very fun and fervent. Cosmos does not let you get bored and discouraged, and this is what we need.”