Amazing Life Video

By Dilantha Dissanayake


A family have spent six hours colouring every brick of their house honouring the NHS staff working on the front line.

Nan Jackie Nelder,52, her daughters Katie Ruddy, 28, Joddie Ruddy, 21, Cora Thomson,20, and grandson  T’lias Ruddy, 8, covered the exterior of their house in Redditch, Worcs, in colourful chalk.

Apart from wanting to thank the NHS for their work during the pandemic, the family wanted to tribute another family member Juan Ruddy, who lives in Rome, Italy and is also in lockdown- that’s the reason they have included a writing on the house saying ‘andra tutto bene’ meaning ‘everything will be okay’.

Moreover Jackie wanted to especially thank the NHS staff as she has spent hours in  Birmingham’s Children Hospital when her daughter Katie was younger.

Katie was diagnosed with leukemia when she was only six years old and spent three and half years of treatment .

Jackie said: “The NHS have done so much for us when Kattie was  sick and we wanted to do something to give back. “

Jodie, who ironically is terrified of heights, was the only one who could climb up the ladder so she did the whole top half part of the house herself.

“We wanted to thank the NHS for all their support and Cora’s family members who work on the front line.

“It all started when my older brother who lives in Italy, wanted us to make a flag -he couldn’t come home for his 27th birthday because of how bad it is over there with the virus.

“Then my sister had the idea of doing the whole house and so we did.

“We just wanted to put a smile on everybody’s faces, people have been stopping to clap, cheer us, take photos.

“The neighbours got involved and let us borrow a taller ladder so we could reach the top.

“A young girl who passed by wanted to write her own name onto the house, as well as others- obviously social distance kept in mind.”